An English In Kentucky


















April 25th  2011    Tim Candler

     Lifting floor boards humbles a person.  He sees the work of craftsmen, and he sees the work of those less caring.  Which  leaves him wondering how future minds might judge his own contribution to the tapestry.

    The mind that laid out this foundation had a precision I am in awe of.  It understood the measuring tape, it was expert at the right angle cut.  And a nudge or two on his spirit level gave him his chance to perfect a clean notch.

     It must have been a moment of excitement and probably of heavy drinking, and I can hear him mutter, "perhaps they won't notice."   Which has been true, because I have blamed all of the slope upon uneven sinking of ground.

    So glad I wasn't  born to the sixteenth of inches, otherwise I too would have had to take the whole thing apart and start again.  Besides, slope in randomness is the confluence where living things exist.

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