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April 27th  2011    Tim Candler

    Plant two seeds every four inches.  When plants have four leaves, thin to one plant every four inches.  If you are greedy and don't like to weed, rows can be twenty inches apart, otherwise give them up to three feet.

    If circumstances are conducive a Blue Lake Bush Bean will require eight days for it to germinate.  It'll poke its little head out of the soil, greet the blue sky, and if it is lucky it will not be thinned.  Fifty days later I'll be bent in half from battling the soft shelled children of Bean Beetle.  My fingers will be sticky from their orange gore.  And I am ready

     With Beans it is useful to know they do not like to be fondled in the cooler hours of summer mornings and they are always dry as bone by evening.  They prefer attention from the gardener when sun is one or two o'clock in the afternoon.  That brushing through them when they are damp from dew or rain or watering, makes them prone to the spores of sooty blights that rot their leaves and make them wilt.

    And absolutely the case that in my world those things that have me floundering from worry are by most dismissed as minor. 

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