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April 29th  2011    Tim Candler

    This is the day for ground to dry ready for Bean planting tomorrow.  As well there are Peppers and Malabar Spinach and Sweet Potatoes and more Eggplants.  And Wax Gourd.  So be still my heart until the day after tomorrow when rain and high winds return. 

    Last year Wax Gourd first emerged from its hard shell toward the end of May.  This year under more tender care Wax Gourd had their heads up and first peered around some weeks ago.

     No clue why this is all so exciting.  By design a gardener should be dour and unmoved by passion of any kind.  He should trudge through his day like a Tortoise and disappear completely when seen.

      All the same it'll be June twenty first soon, and I can't remember whether I decided to be happy or deeply depressed this coming solstice.

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