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April 30th  2011    Tim Candler

    It's the Southern Mockingbird that occupies him most, which I guess is why he has located his nest in a Thuja on the northern part of his territory.   Must say I think his nest is a little low to the ground, but it has been windy.

    If I reached to move branches so that I might see his nest better, it would outrage him.  He would cluck at me and if by some awful circumstance something was to happen to his nest, I could be blamed.

     And I have wondered why he has been so much calmer these past few days.  There I was reckoning upon him again losing at the game of fulfillment, and spending June and July frenzied by frustration.

      Of course there is a good chance he'll be raising a Cowbird,  but the main thing for both of us is to have occupation and something to be proud of. 

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