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April 5th  2011    Tim Candler

    Onion sets.  I need two pounds of them.  Last year's Red Onions were less happy, so this year we'll just go with the Yellow Onions from the Co-op.

     A pound of Onion sets cost little over a dollar at our Co-op which is probably why our Co-op is no longer a Co-op and has become instead a lawn-garden-home outlet.  I'd have to travel all the way to a place called Glasgow to enroll, and I would have to spend a great deal more than two dollars fifty on Onion sets for the Co-op in Glasgow to do anything more than give me a pat the head.

     Here the Co-op still has that sense of Co-op.  You go into the back, and on a mechanical device capable of weighing  hundredweights an even older man very carefully measures out the two pounds of Onion sets and then adds an ounce or two for luck.

     There will be sacks of Pontiac Potato and Kennebec's and bags and bags of fertilizer.   Miles and miles of the big string Tobacco growers need.  And they always give you a wonderful paper bag.

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