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April 6th  2011    Tim Candler

    Yesterday I removed a giant piece of oak that had for a hundred years or so served as foundation for the north west corner of the domicile.  Good things happen, or perhaps I am lucky because the house still stands.

    Parts of this proud length of wood were excellent.  Hard as rock and determined.  But other parts had taken to "spongy-ness and creaking" which is the technical expression for "about to surrender." 

     The new pieces of wood might not last a hundred years because they are treated Pine, and if a seven year old post in the Vegetable Garden is a judge of endurance these new pieces of wood might not last ten years.

    Bumble Borers and Woodpeckers are both friends, but as carpenters they are untidy and sometimes noisy, and they are totally unmoved by the idea of structural integrity.  

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