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April 7th  2011    Tim Candler

    Two months ago I was hibernating.  Cold weather sogginess gripped my days, I could moon around, stare at things, and in moments of guiltiness I might even have written lists of things to be done. 

     Then something happens which I believe is related to wearing short trousers.  It happens quite suddenly.  A person looks into the sky and says, "I'm hot."  He then takes his boots off, pops upstairs, rummages around and emerges a few minutes later looking peculiar in his shorts and smiling in that half-witted way.  

     If this first happens when Daffodils still bloom, you know you are in trouble, because it means you are so far behind the season that catching up might not happen.  If this happens when Lilac blooms you know that you are about right, and in the evening you can shuffle about contented.

     But if you are tempted by shorts before Forsythia blooms, as I was some weeks ago, you might as well accept it as a fallow year, call yourself a beach bum and drink heavily.

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