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April 8th  2011    Tim Candler

    Never have liked the word 'hummer'.   Most particularly when this word is applied to Hummingbird.   And granted I take an opposite extreme that quickly falls into the ridiculous.

    Capital letters for the names of birds and plants is an assertion on my part.  I wish to give dignity to fellow beings, and for some reason giving them a capital letter goes some way toward doing this for me. But calling a Hummingbird a 'hummer', marks those extraordinary little creatures with a cute familiarity that I at least do not feel entitled too.  I am a 'vous' person not a 'tu' person I suppose.

     Which makes me pompous and asinine.  And perhaps there is only one Rome, or one Sheila, or one White-throated Sparrow, but I am set to capitalize the first letter of all bird names and plant names and animal names, and when I try to follow convention I become stubborn and unhappy.  So a sparrow is a Sparrow and a human is a Human. Which is absurd and its consequence serves only to make sentences uncomfortable.

     in a sense i suppose i am driving the equivalent to a humvee from general motors.  pushing around fellow road users, consuming space for the sake of appearance, luxuriating in my own perfection.   so best to leave it as Elephants to you too.

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