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April 9th  2011    Tim Candler

    Yesterday a large Buzzard hit the windshield of The Artist's vehicle while she was traveling.  The windshield was severely damaged and this large bird met its end. 

     Then in the evening The Artist had success in her war against our community of Moles.  She apparently spotted one on its way into the Vegetable Garden.  Considering the nature of events earlier in the day the certainty of this garden Mole's demise was absolute.

     My own error was to inquire into the Buzzard.  I asked her whether it was a Black Vulture or a Turkey Vulture.  And strange how priorities sometimes mingle into open-mouthed confusement and blank stares.

     Either-way, all is well and sometime in the next week or two we'll have a visitor who will arrive with a replacement windshield.

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