An English In Kentucky


















August 11th  2011    Tim Candler

    For a while I thought the Dove who has her nest in the ornamental had banged her head against the window once too often.  Then I thought it the Frog wrecking her sleep.

    She's quite nutty.  High stepping toward me, she'll panic and each time she does, so do I.  It's the noise from her wings.  So I have to think she blames me for something.  And I know how she feels.

      That gremlin who comes in the night to hide things from me does so deliberately.  I spend a great deal of time looking for his foot prints.  But I am supposed to have better control of those parts of mind the jump to conclusion.  There should be for me an appreciation of possibilities, of alternatives and of less dramatic options.

     But I am more like a Dove, because I see Gremlin sign and I high step toward them primed by the knowledge that at last the mystery is solved. 

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