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August 14th  2011    Tim Candler

    To the question, I will reply  the purpose of answers is to serve moments.   I remember how Wittgenstein seduced Russell with an idea of logic in language, before language became a picture.  And I remember Russell's essays for the less able mind, which is how I tried to understand the new physics. I can think from Hegel through to the French Existentialists and come away refreshed. I can think of Bergson and how he defined god in that beautiful way.  And I can feel the wealth of these understandings.  But the purpose of answers is to serve moments.  And blessed are those who think otherwise.

      Then when a life ends almost everything else should become inconsequential, but generally it does not.  So better to think of it as qualities in the soup of existence.  I am the Chard stalk that conceals a Stinkbug.  You are the marrow bone.  So imagine my surprise when it rained and the wind howled and lightning flashed when I heard that you were gone.  And imagine my surprise when last years August calendar fell from its place on the wall.  And to the question I could answer coincidence and you might reply physics, then stay a while.

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