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August 21st  2011    Tim Candler

    I will argue that  Heidegger's carpenter "engrossed in his work," or Narcissus watching himself  not others in clear river water, or vanity plates, or styles of fencing define the issue just as well.  But I think I finally might understand Dawkins idea of a "meme."

   Or should it be pronounced a "Me-Me," with a hand in the air and teacher at the head of the class. Then I think how sick I was all those years ago when I first began to suspect that we are biology and Hegel was a dreamer.  Now I take a comfort from it, especially when I see the thousands gathered to watch the Pope being spiritual or listen to the Fox News.

    And though I do not wish to travel again for at least another two years it was nice to see another old man.  He doesn't smoke any more because he recently had a very intimate moment with his heart.  And maybe he can still play the guitar as Jimmy Hendricks tried to, and maybe now he prefers the noise of a mandolin only because he has the close neighbors.

     But I have to pick Beans, "engrossed in his work," because over there, where I have just been, is the Brown Mamorated Stinkbug.  I saw the faces, I heard the stories, I felt the pain.  It's the devil himself, and maybe he hitched a ride on my transport.

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