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August 28th  2011    Tim Candler

    Someone has been frightening the birds because this morning there was a silence.  And I wonder whether it is four legged or whether it has wings.  It's not much I ask, but harmony before nine a.m. conjugates the day and in those early hours every living soul should at least attempt to be liberal minded and pleasant.

    A part of me wonders if it is the Grey Cat returned to prowl the dark hours.  I think I'd forgive him, but not his relatives, nor his close relations nor branches of his tree that might have diverged a hundred thousand generations ago.

     I believe the feathers belong to a Cardinal.  Oddly I have thought about cardinals and Tanagers.  I have dreamed of a friendship between them and the ghost of the Grey Cat.  He watches them from the Laurels and sometimes he lets them sit upon his head so they might call out for lovers.

    More likely this killing occurred in the dusk of morning when the keen eyed can see and daylight people are sleepy.  As well, whatever it was could probably fly, and he'd have come in from the sunrise.  

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