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Wednesday August 31st  2011    Tim Candler

    Wednesday in some traditions is the Fourth Day, in others it is the middle day of the work week.  The French tried ten day weeks soon after their revolution.  The Soviets briefly tried  a five day week, which gave the year seventy two weeks.  And the Celts, bless them, are believed to have had a nine night week, because for them it was mostly about the moon.

     Either way, an out of date Calendar on the wall is no use whatsoever in determining the day of the week, unless the mind can recall what day it was yesterday, and in this respect I imagine the ancients devoted tremendous effort to record the passing day so that quarrels might be avoided.  To this end I have decided to begin my page with the day of the week, rather than the month of the year.  And by so doing I hope to reduce morning stress.

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