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August 4th  2011    Tim Candler

    All I know is that a Possum takes longer to braise than a Potato, and there is a Possum chewing on the good Tomato. But I am not hungry enough for the in between part, and hope I never will be.

    A wiser Possum would carry off her Tomato.  Take it somewhere secret, so as to leave no evidence of transgression. But this one has most likely been trapped before and she knows a soft heart when she sees one.  I imagine her children have fur by now, and they cling to her back as she travels.  "Must remember this place if I grow up,"  they'll be saying to themselves.

      Of course it could be Raccoons in the Vegetable Garden. But here in these more rural parts we are fortunate.  We don't have the roaming gangs that trouble more domesticated gardens.  Probably our strapping young country boys see to that, because here where I live there is not quite the sensitivity to protein source. Raccoons apparently are delicious boiled, stuffed like a Turkey then baked with apple and bacon. 

     The friend who lives too far away has a garden in what has to be Raccoon Country.  In the past couple of weeks seven have been exiled for poor behavior.  A service the town provides and no doubt funds through income from restaurants.

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