An English In Kentucky


















August 8th  2011    Tim Candler

    Snake Gourd in Tomato and Green Pepper sauce over rice.  I would give it a B minus.  And I can tell you this unless a certain Possum acquires better manners it'll be boiled Possum in Tomato and Green Pepper sauce over rice, because pretty soon now I'm ready to drag the little bastard by the heels around the Vegetable Garden as Achilles dragged Hector around the city of Troy. 

      And there will be a full moon with the Perseid showers, so I will have my chance at hand to hand combat with mother and babies. Who come now like thieves in the night while my senses are dulled by the call of one lonely Frog.  Then, I would like to think,  when I sit down to eat, I will scatter my food around as this Possum does, chewing on this bone then that, in a most critical and derogatory manner.  Either way one of us will soon be gone for ever. 

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