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Tuesday December 13th 2011    Tim Candler

     At a certain age much of the night time is spent wandering around in a rather pointless manner, which should be no comfort to those of us who still consider themselves young, or agile or discontented by the recent suggestion the Higgs Boson might actually be real.  My own solution to reawakening at least one assumed purpose of nighttime is a wander around outside in bare feet upon frosty grass.  And here, it's important to remember attire, because while Deer find nakedness in elderly Humans alarming, they do appear charmed and refreshed by a red nightie upon which a herd of small Reindeer gallop happily through snowflakes and Mistletoe.  

     The professionals tell me that Deer have excellent night vision.  For my part, I can attest only to the truth of the statement that Deer see better under moonlight than I do, which in no way gives them a bragging right.  I, however, have over the years had my opportunity to refine a Rabbit chasing ability of which I am proud, so seeing a Rabbit out there on the path is a temptation no matter the time of day.  And I can pretty much guess the direction of a Rabbit's retreat, and sometimes I outwit them, a feat that even under moonlight I do not need the assistance of Deer to accomplish.  So next time, off comes the nightie.

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