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Wednesday December 14th 2011    Tim Candler

     One analysis of Capital describes it as a child of what some refer to as a Protestant Ethic.  Essentially, to work hard, save money and invest that money in capital resource.  There is a wonderful purity to the analysis, a clean and crisp three part process that instructs the individual, offers purpose, soothes the brow, and suggests somehow that idea, free will, and good old fashioned determination serves the market place for goods and services, talking chipmunks, the color taupe, and on, and on into the fantastic of financial products and an android app. 

     Odd thing about the Protestant Ethic is that it contains the assumption that we people know what we are doing.  I imagine Martin Luther too would have liked us all to work hard, save our money and invest.  Not certain how many of us might have foreseen the current incarnation, which seems to depend upon working hard, spending money and turning parts of the earth into even more temporal things.  But god works in mysterious ways, thank goodness and I am told he enjoys an experiment.

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