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Sunday December 18th 2011    Tim Candler

     For those of us who like to look upon the bright side of the great dialectic, it comes as a huge shock to be reminded that 12.30 AM is one half hour after midnight, and there I was happy with the illusion that 12.30 AM was one half hour after midday.   This means Winter Solstice occurs at an ungodly hour, and I guess it was no wonder The Artist hummed and hawed a little at my enthusiasm for her mowing a suitable pattern during those moments the earth made it's turn toward Spring. 

     A person has to admire the pluck, sheer determination and the presence of mind found amongst the creative.  Not once, during the vagaries or the give and take  of this years decision making, did The Artist register objection to après midnight mowing in probably freezing temperatures.  So plans have changed a little to accommodate reasonableness and other such demands that suddenly I possessed once the the AM/PM confusion was resolved.

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