An English In Kentucky


















Monday December 19th 2011    Tim Candler

     There is mood swing and some excitement for those of us who have found gainful employment in the mail order retail industry.  Days and nights of work are slowly coming to a conclusion.  There will be bonuses, door prizes and other such instruments, and already there are elf hats, candy canes and red slippers.  By this time next week, a high percentage will have upped their temporary home and will have headed south or west or north or east, leaving camp sites in this county wistful for gossip until boating and ice-cream season.

     Of the great irritations in the nature of reality is the existence of two sides, or maybe a thousand sides, to a single story.  I have always preferred the side of simplicity and the more extreme the simplicity the better, because this way sides are clearly defined, hackles raised and on into barking and growling and that sort of stamping around that makes for the high end viewing.  Suffice to say we wear gloves at work and recently the car park has been littered with them.

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