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Tuesday December 20th 2011    Tim Candler

     The infinite straight line maybe conceptualized as endless disagreement. Which I imagine is the prime motivation behind devotion to circles, where happy roundness always returns to a second chance, and often to an understanding of growth toward better-ness under a panoply well mastered by an idea of ladders or a pre-assigned something to be reached for, which itself requires more than a casual leap against the pull of gravity to achieve.  A teleology so popular with the political class, I guess, which makes solstice a good time for funny hats and mood altering beverage and other profundity.  

     At the risk of further alienating solstice, I will also say there is an inescapable hierarchy within a circle, that however hard a person tries, he cannot avoid.  Rather than think of it as wheel or a disc on a flat table top, imagine the question "where am I?" Then via the circular conception of whatever it is,  you'll see time as the back of your neck, which is only sometimes enlightening.  And which is probably why I prefer the infinite line, where incident is never repeated and memory is not necessary.  As well there is a forecast of rain for the first half hour of Thursday, and we are subjective creatures.

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