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Thursday December 22nd 2011    Tim Candler

     I'd like to think the young Redtail has learned the lessons that might enable him to one day feed a family.  I think he might by now have understood that Crows are not so much excited to see him, rather they want to steal from him. I am fairly certain he has discovered that Rabbits, as they age, become sneaky and well able to look after themselves.  And I am quite certain that he has solved the problem of those little movements in the grass, that are sometimes breeze, sometimes Mole and sometimes Mouse. 

     These lessons he will have learned mostly through a trial and error motivated by hunger and curiosity.  He'll look back on those first weeks alone with the sky and he'll wonder at how inept he might once have been and how fortunate he has become.  As well I'd like to think that he is wise enough to know there is more to learn.  And I'd like to hope that if he was awake this morning at one half  hour after midnight, he will have thoroughly confirmed the general opinion that members of the species I belong to can be especially peculiar when the ecliptic touches an equinox.  A serene and beautiful moment for us, less humbling for him.

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