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Tuesday December 27th 2011    Tim Candler

     I have a memory of there being snow on the ground this time last year.  Possibly I am confused, but there is a chance this memory is accurate, because this memory is accompanied by an object that sits on my table, and which I have good reason to believe has done so for exactly one year.  It has writing  upon its propellers, it was made in China and I admire it daily. 

     I might remember too how exotic it felt to pull the cord of a gyroscope, watch it balance on a knife blade. And here on my table  I have a gyroscope that flies taking power from a tiny rechargeable battery.  I might also remember waiting for the radio to warm up so it might deliver the news.  The grown ups were obsessed by some problem or other, and afterwards the radio's battery was returned to the vehicle which I certainly remember being great fun to push start.

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