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Saturday December 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

     It's a fragile mind that wanders across the seven day forecast and comes away deeply depressed.  And here I believe the Dandelion should be grown as house plant so morning might be filled with determination and the color yellow.  I know the Dandelion likes sun, prefers dryer soil and they cringe in high temperature, which suggests a sunny window sill near one of those long spout ornamental watering cans, which can be had through the mail order firm that also sells seeds and model airplanes.     

     I am, however, able to  say I hate the word "product" with a vehemence that would by most be considered unnatural.  And I know why.  "Product" suggests dispassion, it contains no joy.  It is a means to an end and nothing else.  Which I guess is why label has become increasingly critical in those circles of retail I hope never to be introduced to.   But imagine the color of my reaction when it was pointed out to me, the shirt I have owned for some years appears to have Nikki written upon it.

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