An English In Kentucky


















Sunday December 4th 2011    Tim Candler

     Gesture in the social emerged I imagine when we were still four legged and furry.  And here I so wish we could claim some part of what is now Aves amongst our closer ancestor.   But while still in the womb we do have a vestigial tail, which by the time we are forty days beyond conception completely disappears.   The origin of the devil I like to pretend, and I have to say I am glad we are rid of it.    

 All the same, those early dreams while still wrapped up in embryonic fluid, can become real again.  While engaged in my own business a Squirrel flipped his tail at me, in a manner which truly tested authority.  Resolution was prompt, however.  I have a growl and can throw things.  But  I reckon if I had  a tail, I'd be still doing battle.

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