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February 11th 2011    Tim Candler

    Single digits on a thermometer still impress me.   I have seen 2 and 5.  The lowest I have seen is 7, preceded by a minus.  This morning I saw 8.   But this 'dry cold' doesn't feel as cruel as 'damp cold'. 

    Here in the summer we get 'it's not the heat it's the humidity' weather.  A dry 90 can feel like 75.  A wet 90 can feel like 150 and at those temperatures slime grows on walls.

     It's always a mistake to look at the creature that stares at you in the bathroom mirror.  Even if it was something like 23 that creature would soon be gone without its woolen hat, its socks and a place to hide.

      Probably Eden suited him.  The good old days before clothes and homes and all that nonsense we seem now to be so proud of.

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