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February 15th 2011    Tim Candler

    I'll have to go to town today.  It'll require fortitude and courage.  It'll require driving and other skills.  I should probably shave.

    I imagine I will have to line up at the Post Office, because there will be yet another note in the post box telling me that I have a surfeit of mail.  Then I will wait while the recesses beyond the counter are searched.

     Last time I was asked if I'd  had a nice vacation.  And I had said  "back to the grind," because being a 'shut-in' does not  inspire confidence.  Not certain what I'll say this time.  Another funeral is out of the question, and no one gets married in February unless they have been sinful.

     Afterwards I'll forage for cat food and cigarettes.   And when I come home I'll run around and wag my tail.

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