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February 17th 2011    Tim Candler

    The Spring Peeper sang last night.  Little brown to green frogs that live in wet woodlands and can climb trees. 

    Typically enough in the summer colony of  Martha's Vineyard they are called  "Pinkletinks."  So glad I don't live there.  Canadians call them "Tinkletoes."  Which is almost as bad.  When I first heard them called "Peepers" I thought that name too was irritating.

     Now days I am right behind The Spring Peeper.  I sat outside on the front porch, listening to them a while and smiling in that gormless  way.  A large band of them gathered together can be heard at two miles distance, and by the time you are amongst them you are unlikely to see them  unless you have the eyes of an Owl.

    Happy to report that Kentucky is one of thirty two States in the USA that cannot decide upon an official amphibian.  

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