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February 18th 2011    Tim Candler

     I have Black Seed Long Bean.   And I am going to call them Late Climbing Beans.  Blue Lake Bush Beans, I am going to call Early Beans.   Malabar Spinach too will climb.

    Last year Squashes of all kinds struggled.  It's the pests that got to them.  Almost think it might make sense to give Squash a break.  Take some joy from the image of Squash Bugs hopelessly searching.

    Or I could plant Squash much later.  Outwit the beady-eyed little buggers.  July for September.  Take that!

     This year I will try to grow more than one Wax Gourd.  So I hope The Artist gets back soon because she is the one who seems able to germinate Wax Gourd.  And March is pretty much tomorrow.  April sometimes is too late, unless we get snow, or no summer at all..

     And the host is out there. I can hear them. Hoppy Bugs.  Bean Beetles.  Butterflies.  Creeping Grass. Whatever that horrible thing is that beats up on ripening Tomato.  Moles have killed a Strawberry already.  I'll have to decide whether to rewire the garden to keep younger rabbits out, which will mean keeping Quail out as well.  And some cheerful bastard spent yesterday ploughing his field.

    Next Fall I swear I am going to call winter The Holidays. 

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