An English In Kentucky


















February 1st 2011    Tim Candler

    Thirty five degrees Fahrenheit at four thirty this morning in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was wet, and dark and for those who prefer daylight it was most unpleasant, because at that time of day drivers who know where they are going like to get there quickly.

    Me, I was glad to get home, where it was fifty two degrees, a warm breeze and the sun not yet up.

    But I do have one suggestion for those who have power over these things.  Route sixty five runs north-south.  Route sixty four runs east-west.  Which is all very fine for those still mentally nimble and catlike.

     Those of us almost senile and sedentary require a little more than just one digit of difference from which to make our decisions.  It 's more likely dumb luck that I saw the sign for Nashville, otherwise I'd be able to tell you what temperature it was in Lexington or the Hoosier National Forest at around five thirty this morning.

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