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February 21st 2011    Tim Candler

    I counted five Black Vultures.  They are the ones with the shorter tail and they are the ones  less popular with agricultural interests because they can blind new born calves and they can kill the defenseless.

    In the sky Black Vultures flap their wings often.  Short sharp bursts of movement that I imagine the Turkey Vulture finds amusing, because Turkey Vultures see the flapping of wings during flight as the sign of an amateur. 

     That phenomenon which makes the moon look bigger than it is, sometimes occurs when watching birds in the air.  I have experienced it especially with Turkey Vultures. They can suddenly look huge in the imagination. Like sailing ships up there in the sky.  Wonderful creatures.

     But Black Vultures have a reputation which takes the mind away from glorious things, and when I see Black Vultures I wonder where they are going.  

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