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February 24th 2011    Tim Candler

    Some Parsnips go bad.  Not for them the long straight root reaching down to the clay.  And I have wondered why.  Blamed genetic anomaly, or bug bite, or something nasty in soil. 

     Then it's time to dig Parsnips. A careful shovel deep into the ground, hoping for eighteen inches of long straight root.  And you hear that little snap which means you've broken the Parsnip's tip.

     It's an unpleasant moment.  And when it is repeated again and again,  it makes a person feel careless and greedy, as though he is rampaging and out of control.

     Bad Parsnips know this, so they become shallow and many legged like angry Octopus, and when you dig them they never lose their tips, instead they laugh at you.

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