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February 26th 2011    Tim Candler

    Yep!  The growing season is soon.  Ground is wet.  Next month is March. This time last year I was re-working the first potato bed, I was stressed by the awesome responsibility of seed germinating, and I was reading The Herbal in search of those poisons that deny old age.

    Last year too, Snowdrop blooms were almost exactly where they are now.  Spurge looked as though she was dying, as she does now.  And this time last year I was preparing my hands for fingerprinting.

     Does not seem like yesterday to me.  Seems more like decades ago. Perhaps when Forsythia blooms.  Perhaps when the Tree Swallows arrive.  Perhaps then it will seem like yesterday.

     But I am told that an older person experiences a decrease in blood flow to the brain, we lose neurotransmitters and receptors, and we are not good at digesting those elements of food that are good for alertness.

    Which is the polite way of putting it, I suppose. 

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