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February 27th 2011    Tim Candler

    Could have something to do with the directions to "tilt head sideways and and place 5 to 10 drops into ear."  Which last night I thought might help with at least some of the noises I can hear.

    The Ebwai bird must be a song bird, because I have never seen it, and probably those who have seen it would look at the winter sky and call it a "sparrow of some kind." Or a "finch".  Or maybe they'll nod politely, and mark me down as nutter.

     I would like to think it's an insect eater, up from the south, ready and willing, hopping around and looking for love.   Something with a pointed beak and an ability to flutter.

      I have heard the Cheese-Burger bird this year.  And I have heard the Wee-Jewel bird.  But the Ebwai bird is a new call to me, and it was out there this morning in that most determined way.  

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