An English In Kentucky


















February 2nd 2011    Tim Candler

    My own mental gatekeeper is daydreaming and lax.  Cheerfully he lets characters through the examination point.  Allows them onto the double-decker bus, perhaps. 

    Long ago he wished the word "hoosier" a welcome aboard.  This character sat upstairs, beside "hose," "hosier," "rain barrels" and "fish-net stockings."  

    The rest of me sometimes wondered why those who called  Indiana home affiliated themselves with leg warmers. But I had been to the movies, I had seen the old fart dressed in his long underwear and shotgun, toothless and gallant in the early morning against bandits and revenue men.

     I would pronounce him "hose-er" which sometimes produced impasse in conversation.  Nor did I give him a capital letter, which was certainly rude of me.

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