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February 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

    Either way, I reckon on six more weeks of winter, which puts First Spring sometime in the middle of March.

    Mockingbirds will be talking again, Grosbeaks or Deer will nibble away the buds of Apple and maybe Dogwood,  and there will be a Towhee rummaging in undergrowth.  It might even be warm when I watch Sandhill Cranes flying north.

     Then, temperatures will fall below frost, it might even snow, icy wind will howl, and by the first days of April I will have hurt some part of my body and Tree Swallows will curse me  from the electric lines as I hobble about.

    About the middle of April the Grey Cat will damage himself in that futile war he has with other cats and he'll have to visit the vet to have fur shaved so that some suppurating sore can be drained.

    Moles of course will avoid all this because they live completely underground. 

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