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February 5th 2011    Tim Candler

    Meaning from mathematics always appears truer than meaning from language.  Which I suppose is why conspiracy theories are so absorbing.   But mathematics has always been more beautiful than truth.

    In a conspiracy theory a word becomes an integer, a whole number, a complete entity.   This word is then connected to other words by pluses and minuses and equal signs.  And a mind adopts the obvious solution.  "Of course!"  a mind says. "Now why didn't I think of that." 

     So much easier to look at the integer as already complete  Avoid the awful effort of understanding a number.  Because a complete entity is a complete entity.  This way a mind has a plus and a minus and a glorious and correct equal upon which is pinned a gold star.  And to the top of the class this moron goes.

     But even mathematics asks the question "what and why  is one?"  It's our fault really.  The lumpen us, for being so easily impressed by answers.

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