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February 6th 2011    Tim Candler

    I'll call it 'something else', because the word 'tubules' contains a suggestion of  blockage and decline.  'Something else' on the other hand sounds happy and celebratory and vague.

    A percentage of people believe in ghosts.  A higher percent say they believe in souls.  An even higher percent believe in God.   I will argue for an understanding of 'something else'.

     Then there is 'spiritual'.  Which brings forth images of nut nibbling, of willow trees, and of lifestyles dominated by grains and saintly people. 

     And, even though the empiricist is a dead fly, how hard I'll try to be one.   I'll see the sunset as an act of physics.  I'll close the corridors on time.  I'll imagine consciousness as the voice of matter.

     And when I'm done,  it'll be something else that leaves, because when I come back I'll be able to fly.

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