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February 7th 2011    Tim Candler

    I have fallen to temptation, but the devil already has my soul, so his demons are no more jubilant around me today than they were yesterday.

    This time of year most demons are employed by seed catalogue companies and this is their busy time in the Northern Hemisphere.  They keep the postman occupied and somewhere there must be a whole bunch of them with access to the internet.

     Snake Gourd, long EX.  Got no idea what the EX stands for.  And there it is again that wretchedly high germination temperature. 80-90 F.  Just don't know what my problem is. Perhaps next year I'll behave myself. Reach beyond flowing language to the nitty gritty of the plant.

    And yes an ounce of Broad Beans is equivalent to ten seeds. I should have gone for the half pound, but that just seemed absurd.

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