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February 9th 2011    Tim Candler

    The big excitement is Blue Lake Bush Bean seeds.  I have three, eighty four gram packets of them. Nearly nine ounces of bean. 

    Last year Blue Lake Bush beans turned out to be Running Beans, and I spent a considerable amount of time writing nasty notes to seed people.  I called them names.  I burnt them in effigy, and I probably behaved badly enough to have been marked down as 'unreliable' by those who take notes of these things.

     So this year, as early as possible in May I'll lay down my rows of Blue Lake, and if they run I am going to go to 601 Steven Beale Drive, in Fulton Kansas, to deliver my note personally.

     Some say I should only use heirloom seed.  Save them each year, in that diligent way. We are powerless against seed companies they argue. 

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