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January 10th 2011    Tim Candler

    The word "Bleak" is gone from the vocabulary.  And even though sometimes it might pop into the mind I will from now on try to reference only images of the happy shoaling freshwater fish that is related to Carp.

    One thousand ounces of glass,  three ounces of Bleak Fish scales, one ounce of white wax, a half ounce of glue and one ounce of Alabaster were combined to make artificial pearls.  And I would like to feel sorry for the four thousand Bleaks whose lives are spent to provide just three ounces of scale.  But that might sound negative on this beautifully grey morning.

     Of course there was a time when people believed that pearls fell as rain drops into the sea where they were swallowed by oysters and then found by divers.  And  "....none can look at the poor diver, with his body covered with ulcers, his joints distorted with rheumatism, his eyes sunken and blood shot, and believe that one spark of poetry lies anywhere within his ill carcass."

     "Just make every month January so I might feel important and precious" I hear the Old Me say.  But I ignore him because he is old and grumpy.

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