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January 13th 2011    Tim Candler

    Cool, wet weather isn't good for American Sycamore Trees.  I don't think it's because they themselves have a problem with the weather, I believe it's because the fungus that ails them thrive under conditions of fifty five degrees and rain.

    A London Plane Tree is a Sycamore immune to this fungus, and those who have lived in the British Isles will know this is just as well, because fifty five degrees and rain is pretty much the months of April, May and June. 

    Our own Sycamores here in Kentucky look much happier than they have done in the past.  A tribute I suppose to the hot and rainless year that so recently has gone to its grave.  

     And I do have advice for boy gardeners who still have the strength to court.  Best not to wander in a lyrical way along the branches of Sycamore Trees in winter.  It makes you sound wimpy and unable to chop wood.

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