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January 17th 2011    Tim Candler

    Catalogs are organizational tools.  Trees for hedges. Trees for windbreaks.  Trees for shade.  Sadly I too am prone to giving categories subjective quality.  Which means I too preordain for no good reason, and then either I am forced to lose face, or find myself isolated and stubborn.

    I think there is a solution in that word 'flexible.'   I should avoid dogma.  I should observe conclusions as a possibility rather than absolute certainty.  There should be less leaping off the cliff convinced I can fly.

     But I think my point is, who the hell can tell me what tree makes a good hedge, or a good windbreak, or provides shade.  Who is it that stands up with the magic wand to decide these things for me.  And this whether he with the magic wand is likeable or unlikeable.

     I do understand this sounds like the Old Me.  I do understand it is quite unnecessary to become so charged by the catalogs of others.  And I do understand that I have been wrong. 

    Nor will I be considering Blue Lake Beans this year.   And probably I'll use fungicide on the Tomato.  And already I am irritated by the children of Colorado Beetle.

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