An English In Kentucky


















January 18th 2011    Tim Candler

    In March Grosbeaks will visit on their way North.  Already I have seen Blue Jay delighted by the buds of Maple.  But Grosbeaks will have their way with the buds of Dogwood and Apple and the early Rose. 

    And I hope the Close Mockingbird can soon blow off his cough, because short of netting and shotguns he is our best chance against Grosbeaks.

     The Far Mockingbird is fit as a fiddle.  I would like to think he has an eye on the Close Mockingbird's kingdom.  Spends his nights in a map room plotting.  Then I feel terrible and disloyal, and I prepare for the guillotine.

      The Close Mockingbird doesn't understand people food.  Things like raisons and bread crumbs, dried peas and lentils. It's a sadness.  Makes me understand why his Alatus is also called a Burning Bush.

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