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January 1st 2011    Tim Candler

    Woke to the idea today was Sunday.  A classic of the old me. So this could be a moment for resolution. Which this time last year I did not mess with because of preoccupation with End Times, Rapture, Mayan mathematics and seed catalogues.

    But perhaps useful is the idea of this time next year as a goal post to aim for and from which to look back from. Here I think the new me should reassert himself.  And if he can't manage confidence then at least he should produce a list of possibilities. 

     Then, this time next year we can take out the red ink as a school master might and proceed to grade our-self.  And possibly we should have several lists.  The equivalent to say Latin and Geography, French and English.

    I am certain there are many subjects that require improvement.  Behavior and Attitude we all know is one.  Concentration of Purpose is certainly another.  And I would like to suggest several more, but from experience brick walls are hard to walk through.

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