An English In Kentucky


















January 20th 2011    Tim Candler

    I imagine the ancestors, because they lived closer to the outside, had a better grasp of portents.   They had no window panes for young Cardinals to throw themselves against. And the odd Robin shattering the silence with cackle would have fooled the ancestors not in the least.

    Blue Jays are still carrying nuts around.  I don't know why I think this might mean something, because the Close Mockingbird is still sick, so usually we hardly see Blue Jays in winter.


    I wonder if the ancestors counted days as I do, or whether they just went with the flow and as a consequence sat around chewing leftovers until Uncle Ethelred, or Aunt Magnon  reached for a shovel.

     And of course in their clan there'd be a smart ass with a funny hat that just knew everything.

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