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January 21st 2011    Tim Candler

    Some of us are feeling rather stupid this morning.  They'll not be taking trash to the end of the road.  And fairly soon they might even go back to bed.

    It wasn't a "cookie snow" because according to The Artist a "cookie snow" requires that sense of somewhere a Goose being plucked.  A strange and perhaps cruel categorization of snow types which I suppose offers insight into the peculiar object that's been called "creative process".

     This apparently was a "banana bread snow."  Beady with sleet, and unexpected.  And delicious enough the banana bread was to make a body yearn for a "pork chop snow."    But I dread to think what sense a "pork chop snow" might need to  impart before qualifying.

    And even though like so many I have recently felt driven to it, I am so glad I haven't been throwing myself at windows, or bobbing around the cut grass cackling. 

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