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January 23rd 2011    Tim Candler

    The Dying Sycamore tree is a good perch for those who like to look around.  From its branches I imagine there are splendid views.  And because the tree is dying those who sit upon its branches are easily seen.

    I have watched Barred Owl and Summer Tanager, Cuckoos and Kestrels, and the list goes on.  So more interesting is the place this tree has in the border wars between the Close Mockingbird and the Southern Mockingbird.

    Last year, the Dying Sycamore was territorially sensitive.  It was that  boundary between North and South Korea, I imagine. 

     In critical spring months last year the Southern Mockingbird took control of this tree and would foray toward the Vegetable garden where he was met by a fierce resistance from the Close Mockingbird.  We subjects found it alarming and often distressing, because it was noisy and some of us thought quite unnecessary.

     The close Mockingbird is young, he is new to his role, and he has a cough.  The Southern Mockingbird is an older warrior, fierce and experienced.  And I wonder what my young friend thinks he's doing in late January on branches of the Southern Mockingbird's Dying Sycamore.

     And true, I probably spend more time than is natural preoccupied by these matters.  

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