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January 24th 2011    Tim Candler

    This time last year there was digging.  Good digging. I know this because being deranged I keep a record of these things. 

    This time last year I was going to thread an assortment of old hose pipes under the ground in the Vegetable Garden.  Have them emerge conveniently, and this I thought would completely do away with that dragging around of hosepipes that can so reduce a person.

     Those must have been the good old days of January thaw.  And of course in the good old days a person could hope for a February thaw.  A day or two in the sixties or seventies.  A tee-shirt and a wonder where the shorts were hiding.

     Then I can hear the truly old fart.  "When I was young we had  more butterflies, and we used to get real snow."  Last year, if I can remember it, we had excellent Butterflies.

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