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January 25th 2011    Tim Candler

    Today I will explore the room where I sleep, because yesterday the Grey Cat spent time with his vet. 

    I haven't seen parts of this room for probably years.  Slovenliness I think it is called.  On the one hand I am excited, then I look around and wonder whether it might not be easier to simply climb Mount Everest.

    I am certain I will discover things I thought lost and then when I reach the heights and sit there contemplating the glory of my achievement, I will find that I have lost things that I now think important or useful. 

     I'll use the big black plastic bags, which I will store for a while before sending on down the road.  Later I might have to rummage through them in search of god knows what.

    And certainly, when I am halfway along, I will question the purpose of the exercise and most likely will question purpose in general   Might even be tempted to call for an end to such lunacy by insisting the Grey Cat take pills for his allergies.

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